CO.STARTERS is a 9 week program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships and tools needed to turn their business ideas into action. Unlike traditional platforms, it applies the lean business model methods popular with high-growth startups to businesses of all kinds.




Share workspace & get your creativity flowing, meet with clients and get your business on its feet and out of your home office. We are a network of and for creative people who know that collaboration will strengthen and grow their endeavor.

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We're building an amazing community of people that understand that we're better together. Some of us are tech gurus, some are chomping at the bit to finish a project on the laser, some are gamers, some are illustrators and we are all open to learning from each other and supporting each others endeavors. Click below to see our CO:mmunity.

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We have a few events here at theCO that are specifically created with you in mind-- two are contests (Best in the West and Eureka) and one is more of a learning/networking opportunity (MakeShift). Each of these happen just once per year so click below to find out details about the coming dates:

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At any point in the entrepreneurial game, but most especially when you're starting with a new idea, having a mentor or a whole group of them to pull from is invaluable. We've got a talented group with skill sets that run the gamut and we'd love to connect you with them.

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Meeting Space

Picture this-- you're meeting with a potential client (one you've been trying for months to get face-to-face) and simultaneously you hear a baby crying, an espresso machine shrill and a group of girls giggling as they capture pics of their lunch. You need a better place to meet-- and we've got it.

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Port – Portofino, Italy
Guests – 5
Crew – 3, including chef
Design –  Discovery 67
Length – 67'
Guest Cabins – 2


Scuba Diving
Wake Boarding
Kite Surfing
Water Skiing
Land Excursions
Not fishing


Satellite Telephone
XM Satellite Radio
15ft Dinghy with 50 HP
Towing Tube
One, 2-Person Kayak
Deck Shower