We are the front door for entrepreneurs in West Tennessee. A resource, collaborative community and support system for everyone from the serial entrepreneurs to those taking their first plunge into business ownership, problem solving and innovating.

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Come make something awesome! Whether you are working on a prototype, or you are just into tinkering-- we have just the space for you! Access to fun tools like 3D printers, a laser cu/etcher, CNC router and more.

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Share workspace & get your creativity flowing, meet with clients and get your business on its feet and out of your home office. We are a network of and for creative people who know that collaboration will strengthen and grow their endeavor.

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Coding is the new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of schools and we aren't willing to let that continue in West TN. Learning to code will sharpen your ability to troubleshoot and solve problems and it's never been easier to learn than NOW!

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Mobile innovation labs serving rural Tennessee:
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Developing student coders who are marketable in today’s workforce:
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Created to celebrate the people & stories of Jackson, TN:
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