What is CO.STARTERS at theCO?

CO.STARTERS is a 9 week program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships and tools needed to turn their business ideas into action. Unlike traditional platforms, it applies the lean business model methods popular with high-growth startups to businesses of all kinds. 

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Who is CO.STARTERS for?

You-- if you have a business idea that is ready to be put in ACTION, or if you have already started your business and you are searching for clarity in marketing and a fuller understanding of running a successful business. The one essential element is that you have a concept that you are ready and willing to share and grow in a collaborative environment. 

How does the program work?

CO.STARTERS is led by a facilitator, an experienced entrepreneur well connected in West Tennessee's business community, who will introduce you to action-driven concepts that you will be able to apply to your business or project. Lisa Garner, theCO's Executive Director and Owner of Garner Blue is our current facilitator. This isn't a lecture, but instead a creative and interactive program that will help you fine-tune your business. CO.STARTERS is based around the Canvas below that is a visual map to help guide your ideas.



We love the collaborative nature of CO.STARTERS, you will be learning from each other and encouraging each other, truly building a network that will help your ideas grow in the program and beyond. This program is rare in that the language it uses is approachable all while challenging you to identify and test business assumptions that will help launch your business, not just theorize how they might play out.



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Our next program will start in the Spring of 2019 and will likely be in the evenings— 5:30pm - 8:30pm (although we’re contemplating running another program in the daytime— let us know if you’d be interested in that!). The calendar to the left is for our current program, but it will give you an idea of what we'll cover each week.

Thanks to First Tennessee Community Development Grants, we are able to offset much of the program cost, so the fee is $150* for the full program, which includes course materials and CO:membership for the duration of the program.

*College students are able to participate for the reduced rate of $100. 



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