Ben McCarver’s VEX Competition Experience

Ben McCarver’s VEX Competition Experience

Ben McCarver found love at first sight after attending a robotics meetup at theCO last October.

Kabao McCarver, mother of Ben McCarver, took note of Ben’s interest in engineering from an early age. 

“Ben was inclined to all things engineering from an early age. Before he could walk, he was trying to figure out how things fit together, mostly by first tearing them apart,” Kabao explained. “His involvement in robotics gave him the ability to express his interests in a new way.

“He kept the name, Ben the Destroyer, until a few years ago when it seemed like overnight he went from ‘breaking’ everything, and all of the sudden he was the one we called on to fix everything.”

Soon, after only days of robotics experience, Ben entered the VEX Robotics State Championship Competition held in Brentwood, Tennessee, against his mother’s wishes.

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