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July 2018


Building Electronic Games | $65
Saturday, July 21 | 1pm - 4pm

Have you ever wondered how video games and electronic toys are made? Join us as we explore the world of electronics, soldering irons, buttons, and prototypes. Each workshop attendee will build their own electronic Simon Says game which will be theirs to keep.

*Minimum attendee age is 15 yrs.

About Ben: Ben Lawrence is an Instructor of Industrial Technology at Jackson State Community College. He holds degrees in biology and electrical engineering while currently working on a masters degree in engineering technology. When not sharing his couch with five cats and two dogs, Ben spends his free time completing woodworking and electronics projects.


Heirloom Photography in the Digital Age | $25
Saturday, July 28 | 10am - 12pm

These days, most of us record precious photographs and videos on our phone cameras. While the quality is markedly better than the VHS tapes of our parents' generations, we're losing the lasting legacy of tangible media. In the digital realm, we often have to scroll through thousands of photos to find one that marks a specific moment or a season.

This workshop will explore ways that we can create lasting heirloom images and videos in the digital age that can be passed down through the generations. We will touch on digital photo organization, photo printing, memory books, and iPhone photography for busy families. Attendees will walk away with an idea of how to create better photos of their families and ensure that those images can stand the test of time.

*All participants should bring their phones (fully charged) and, if available, a personal laptop.

About Cari: Cari Griffith is a wedding and family portrait photographer with a decade of experience in the portrait world. She began pursuing photography in large part because of her love for my dad's old printed photographs. Being able to hold a memory in her hands and learn more about her heritage has carried her into a lifetime of storytelling.



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