-- Below is info from our 2016 event...as this is a yearly celebration, details to come on theCOtoberfest 2017! --

What is it?

theCOtoberfest is a celebration of those among us that are working with their hands, pioneering software development, picking up the paint brush and hitting the ground running on a business idea that will change their community for the better.


who is it for?

These events are for the curious, thoughtful, hardworking, inventive -- they are for ANYONE.
Kiddos too (they'll likely enjoy the Saturday events the most)!

Our hope is that it will encourage you to think, create and imagine.

All events take place here at theCO,
541 Wiley Parker Rd. Jackson, TN
Will you join us?



What's the schedule?

Friday, October 21st

5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. : Pop-Up Art Gallery

Join us to see the work of Natalie Douglas, Hannah Heckart, Katie Howerton, Zach Lancaster, Darren Lykes, Lendon Noe, Courtney Searcy and Autumn Wegner. For the Pop-Up Gallery, each of these local artists will create a piece based on the words of John Steinbeck, "But I have a new love for that glittering instrument, the human soul. It is a lovely and unique thing in the universe. It is always attacked and never destroyed - because 'Thou mayest." 

The opening party will be Friday, 10/21 from 5:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. with drinks and appetizers. The artists will be there mingling and available if you would like to discuss or purchase any of their work. 

Around 6:00 p.m. Little Kitchen will be set-up for you to grab supper and be sure to stick around for A Night of Storytelling!


7:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m. : A Night of Storytelling

"A Night of Storytelling" is a biannual Our Jackson Home event that seeks to create a warm environment for you to dig deeper into the people and places of our city by hearing personal stories from your West Tennessee neighbors. 

At this free event, you'll enjoy being told six Jacksonian's tales, hear some live music and poetry-- after munching on some dinner from Little Kitchen food truck. Click here for full details.


Saturday, OCTOBER 22nd

11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. : West TN Maker Exhibits

The maker movement is not only a celebration of building and creativity, it’s sharing all of those methods of making with our community. The West Tennessee Maker Exhibits will showcase the work of all kinds and ages of makers-- they are embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it together) spirit and wanting to share with an appreciative audience--that's where you come in! So many great, interactive exhibits. Plus food trucks! Don't miss it!