Board Member Spotlight: Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson is one of the four recently appointed board members at theCO, serving alongside Beth Wilson, Andre Gist, and Kevin Adelsberger. But Austin’s board membership is just the newest thing he has done at theCO. He is the CEO of Thompson Industries, which he conducts out of theCO, specializing in social media marketing and small business consulting. Austin’s side hustle turned business number 2, Random Pieces of Wood, is also run out of theCO, where he makes and sells laser engraved gifts. Austin has lead multiple Meetups; his newest one being “Vets in Business,” where he looks to develop a community for veterans and provide them with personal or entrepreneurial resources.

Austin has been a valuable asset to theCO, and sees his position of board member as another opportunity to serve. Laughing, he said, “I always said that if I were going to be on a board it would have to be something I’m passionate about. I get to help discuss decisions that are made on a higher level, but a lot of it is about me and the other guys being ambassadors for theCO in the community,” Austin said. “I’ve been pretty outspoken about theCO because it’s a big part of my life.”

Any member at theCO can tell you that Austin is full of charisma and dedication, especially when it comes to theCO. He is always giving tours, networking, or engraving things on the laser.

“I have a vested interest in theCO, not just because I’m a board member now, but even as a member, this is the focal point of both my businesses.”

Both Austin and Kevin have worked out of theCO since its early days, and now they are some of the first CO:members to serve on the board. Since they have been at theCO in a different sense for so long, they hope to bring a fresh perspective.

Austin Thompson-01.jpg

“Neither Kevin or I would be where we are now if it were not for theCO, and we don’t forget that,” Austin said. “We are passionate about it, whether they want us to be or not, we will have something to contribute.”

This is the first board that Austin has been on, but he has every intention of making an impact and making suggestions to better theCO, either by hosting Meetups or serving on the board.

Austin says, “I have gotten to know individual board members outside of their position on the board, but being able to sit in on a meeting with a ton of really smart people, and help mold the future of something is a cool thought.”