An Introduction to the Resident Co Workers at theCO

theCO in Jackson, Tennessee, functions as a space for entrepreneurs to run their businesses outside of their own homes. It also offers services and connections for entrepreneurs who need access to resources, branding, or marketing. theCO has a large number of members who work in the space daily, and a few companies in particular have taken advantage of the “resident” coworking area.


Resident membership, like theCO’s standard CO:membership, offers access to conference rooms, discounts on event space rates, and use of the makerspace. But residents also get the advantages of a dedicated desk, computer monitor, lockable filing cabinet, and brand representation. General CO:membership is $75 per month, while resident CO:worker membership is $300 per month. theCO currently has all eight resident desks in use, but amongst that small group is a wide variety of skills and lines of work.

Sodium Halogen is one of theCO’s resident CO:workers, and they focus on designing applications, brands, and software for their clients’ customers. CO:founder William Donnell started the company in 2001, and refers to himself as the Lead “Designtist.” Sodium Halogen now has “six and a half employees,” as William says, since his wife is the real powerhouse behind the team.

Pro AV is a company built and run by Trey McIver, another one of theCO’s resident CO:workers. His business specializes in home and commercial automation by installing things like home theaters, driveway pressure sensors, paging systems, and audio systems. Trey has over nine years of experience in the audio/visual industry, and he says he is “constantly learning new and better ways to exceed industry standards.”


You may have seen this next resident CO:worker down at the farmers’ market on Saturday mornings or in the town square during the week. Seth Nelson started The Farmer’s Perk when he was just fourteen years old, and six years later, Seth is still thriving with his organic coffee company and has since started a donut food truck, too.

“theCO has definitely been influential in the prosperity and growth of my business,” Seth says. “Moving into theCO has been huge as far as making connections. . . . There is a whole wealth of knowledge in this community of entrepreneurs.”

Krisann Blair runs her company “Krisann & Co.: Creating Healthy Homes” out of theCO’s resident workspace. Along with selling essential oils, Krisann teaches classes on the power of mindfulness, the importance of sleep, and practicing healthy habits. Krisann is a believer in the positive influence of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

theCO is a space for all creators, entrepreneurs, designers, and makers. One of the most beneficial things that a business person can get out of a coworking space is the community. When there are large numbers of entrepreneurs working in a single vicinity, there is bound to be networking, allowing people to find fellow workers who may be more skilled in an area that is needed.

So, whether you are an artist with a desire to cut some wood, an excited and hopeful person with an idea for a business, or you already own a business but need somewhere to work, come check out theCO and see what a coworking space can do for you.