CO.STARTERS Pitch Night Celebrates Another Group of Entrepreneurs

From the start, theCO has been committed to helping entrepreneurs in West Tennessee, and CO.STARTERS is the vehicle we use to support them. It’s a nine week program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn their business ideas into action. The spring 2017 CO.STARTERS class is coming to a close, and that means one thing: Pitch Night!

This season’s participants vary from a music festival squad to a high-tech media company, and what they’ve learned will be put to the test at Pitch Night. Kathy Joslin of CRAFTED and Karen Hester of Visionary Media are amped to show what they’ve learned so far.

Visionary Media

With degrees in psychology, Hester had no concept of business before starting the program. With each topic, she and her business partner husband learned the essentials.

“CO.STARTERS has taken us through so many practical details,” she explained. “If I had to be specific, I’d say how to find the bottom line.”

These businesses were privileged to hear from former CO.STARTERS graduates and seasoned veterans including CO:founder Ben Ferguson, president of Personnel Placements, who talked about hiring tips and suggestions for business structure. CO:member and CO.STARTERS grad Lee Wilson, owner of Jackson Escape Rooms, shared about how to start small; his business started as a one-week pop-up event, and he now co-owns three escape rooms in Tennessee and Texas.


All this, Joslin of CRAFTED explained, gave her the intangibles: confidence.

“CO.STARTERS has given us more confidence to plow forward,” she explained. “We launched from concept to startup kind of unexpectedly, and this has helped us make more conscious and informed decisions as we move forward.”

If turning ideas into action are interests of yours, find a seat at Pitch Night at theCO on Thursday, July 13, at 6:30pm to 8:30pm! To learn more about CO.STARTERS, click here.