Board Member Spotlight: Lisa Piercey

“theCO is my favorite board to be on because not only is it really cool work, but the people who populate the board are various professionals with great experience,” says Dr. Lisa Piercey, “I learn as much as I give.”

Dr. Piercey is Executive Vice President of Systems Services at West Tennessee Healthcare, and also holds a seat on the Board of Directors at theCO. Not only has she contributed to theCO’s programs and development, but she also is an active participant in theCO’s events like Pitch Palooza at this year’s #theCOtoberfest.

Dr. Piercey has been a board member since before theCO was even ‘theCO’ and was an especially integral part in the beginning phases of program.

“I was here for the build out and the original start up at the beginning of 2014, when theCO was still just the Entrepreneurial Development Center downtown.”

When the original board members and staff first launched the start up, it was all their dreams that something like theCO would come to fruition, and now seeing the success and growth that has happened makes Dr. Piercey say it was well worth the work.

“The beauty of theCO is that it is perfectly fine if your business idea is not quite to maturity, because the process of bouncing it off people with different backgrounds and skill sets and working through the problems is a very valuable thing.”

As Vice President of West Tennessee Healthcare, Dr. Piercey has found theCO to be personally helpful in the development and formation of programs and projects in her own company.

theCO Mobile was purchased and remodeled in the early years of theCO, and has since been adapted into the Driving Innovation program. But, when theCO Mobile was first being created, Dr. Piercey saw a way to finally be successful in her long journey of providing vaccines to kids in school settings while still meeting the criteria that the state requires.

“We were sitting on the patio one day and we started talking about that bus that smelled bad and looked bad. They said they had to tear out a refrigerator and a generator to remodel, but I told them to keep it.”

Now, theCO Mobile has been able to deliver multiple programs, including vaccinations, to kids across West Tennessee.

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