Our Jackson Home: Third Generation

Here at theCO, we're helping Jackson businesses get off on the right foot, and we're always inspired by those who have been doing it right for years. Havner's Frame Shoppe is an example of that, and today we share Josh Garcia's Our Jackson Home story on this local family business:

It seems like I find myself in a lot of conversations about how much Jackson is growing. You might also hear natives and non-natives alike saying, “Jackson is nothing like it was ten years ago.” I recently found myself in conversation with a new Jackson resident while waiting in a food truck line at the farmers’ market, and the California-native remarked on how young and up-and-coming Jackson feels compared to other small Southeastern towns she’s experienced. From the expansion of North Jackson to the revitalization of the downtown area, Jackson seems to be cultivating a more defined culture. Things are stirring. But if we’re not careful, it can be easy to forget amid the cultural and economic growth that Jackson has been around much longer than the “old Starbucks.” While the new definitely contributes to the sense of vivacity some people feel in Jackson, our city is rich in people and places that have been around long enough to cultivate the sense of a warm and well lived-in community.

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