Our Jackson Home: Jackson's Top BBQ Tour

Here at theCO, we understand that local restaurant owners are some of the toughest entrepreneurs out there, and lucky us, frequenting their businesses is pretty fun! Check out this Our Jackson Home Top BBQ Tour by Katie Howerton highlighting five of our city's tastiest spots:

Confession: I don't love barbecue. I know. Shameful. I grew up in the South and everything, but barbecue isn't something I crave—but sometimes I wonder if that's because my tastes have for so long settled for whatever is slopped on a bun at a sporting event, church picnic, or drive-thru.

Whether a barbecue fan or not, it can't be denied that West Tennessee is home to some of the nation's best, and interpretations of the vague title continue to surprise and impress locals and visitors alike. I figured it was time I gave my inexperienced palate a tour of Jackson's favorites, the spots I hear shouted from the mouths of fans all over town.

So in honor of National Barbecue Month, I present the Our Jackson Home/SnagMob Top BBQ Tour, featuring five local restaurants, and see who was voted best by our fans!

Read the full guide here.