Member Spotlight: Dave, Zach, & Sam Roberts


theCO sees countless new faces every year, and when the summer rolls around, kids start showing up with their parents to participate in camps, build things in the makerspace, or print pieces on the 3D printer. Dave Roberts and his two sons are no different, as they joined theCO this spring. Dave works as a physician assistant and also teaches as an adjunct at Bethel University. He says teaching his EKG class is a reason he enjoys theCO, since it is a workspace outside of his home, where his five kids are constantly running and playing.

“Sometimes just having a spot to get away where I’m not distracted by all the things I have to do at the house is kind of nice, so I can come up here and sit in some quiet,” Dave says. “I can use the podcast room to record my lectures.”

Sitting across the table from me are two out of the five Roberts kids: Zach who will be starting high school at Madison Academic in the fall, and Sam who will be beginning seventh grade at Community Montessori.

Zach laughs and says, “I came to theCO for the exact opposite reason: because it’s loud.”

Zach spends most of his time in the makerspace with his brother using “all of the not quiet equipment” like the CNC router and laser etcher to make wooden battle axes and knives.

Dave nods and says, “The boys are creative. They love to make things and do stuff, and just to have access to all the amazing equipment you have here is good.”


Aside from making wooden weapons, Zach also expresses an interest in computers and spends time printing items on the 3D printer. He will also be a part of the Raspberry Pi summer camp where he will get the chance to learn how to code.“I like the field of computer science, and I’m actually constructing a computer right now,” Zach says. “It’s just so exciting when you plug something in and it boots up; it’s a great feeling.”

Soon there could be even more Roberts kids running around theCO. The Roberts are in the process of adopting their sixth child, a little girl named Abigail from Sierra Leone who will hopefully be able to come home in July.

“There are good people here, too,” Roberts say. “The people are resources, too, and it’s good to have people to connect with and guide us along the way.”

It is a blessing to have a space where you can find community and creativity, and perhaps while Dave is recording his lectures, Sam and Zach will be etching a “Welcome Home” sign for their little sister. We are happy to see the Roberts family utilizing all aspects and equipment that theCO has to offer, and we can’t wait to welcome Abigail home with them!