Made at theCO: Multi-Layered Wooden Sign

There is something so mesmerizing about a computer-motorized machine like the CNC router we have in theCO’s makerspace, and we’ve been getting a lot of fun use out of it lately. It might be the super smooth curves or the sheer precision of the cuts, but one thing is for sure: it allows you to make some cool custom signs! This week’s Made at theCO article is all about multi-layered wooden signs.

Materials & Equipment:

  • Inkscape (design software)
  • CNC router
  • Full sheet of ¼" plywood
  • Logo of favorite sports team
  • Spray paint
  • Wood glue

1. Design your sign.

First, take your logo and convert it to a cuttable version using Inkscape. From there, you can scale it to fit on a full sheet of plywood.

2. Cut the design.

Next, import the file into a CNC software that allows you to set the depths and speed of the cuts.

3. Check the layout.

After the cutting process is done, reassemble to see if there are any pieces that need to be redone.

4. Paint and glue.

Spray paint the various sections of the sign on some scrap cloth. After the paint dries, the final assembly and glue process can begin.

And there you have it! You wouldn’t believe just what professional quality you can achieve with the CNC router, and the possibilities are endless! Get yourself a CO:membership and come try it out for yourself soon.