Made at theCO: Alternative Materials

As the new year sets in, many of you are feeling the urge to try new diets, new experiences, and even new projects. As much as I'd enjoy talking about the weird things you're "forced" to eat now, I'd rather talk about what you can make at theCO! 

After deciding what you're going to make, next comes the decision of what material you're going to use. I've compiled a list of a few materials other than your typical sheet of wood that I've used and the outcome of the finished product.


MDF Wood

Take hardwood and softwood, blend it, add resin and glue, compress to flat sheet, and you have MDF. You also have a very consistent and flat material to cut, stain, sand, and paint. Take a look at these coasters I made with MDF. 

Photo Jan 02, 5 05 47 PM.jpg


This material comes in many sizes, colors, and more importantly, different densities. Using foam for your project could be a great way to prototype before you build the real thing. However, don't be surprised when you see how much specific types of foam can cost. Perhaps save the foam you get from ordering products online?

Photo Oct 19, 2 21 53 PM.jpg


Is it glass, or is it plastic? Some would say both. I'd say use it! Acrylic is a great material for making any signs or letters have that professional glossy look with a nice clean edge. It can be cut on a CNC router or laser and comes in a variety of colors and transparencies.

Photo Jan 02, 5 04 23 PM.jpg


Want the look and feel of stone but need it to be carvable? Corian is commonly used in fake stone countertops. It comes in an astonishing amount of stone-like patterns and colors. I haven't made anything with this material, but I will be in the near future, so stay tuned!

Some of these materials actually work quite well together and some not so much. I can't wait to see what you create, and let us know if you happen to stumble across any interesting projects using the alternative materials listed above.