Member Spotlight: Adam Curl


There aren’t many college students that get to work in their field of study while in undergrad, but Adam Curl is one exception. As a senior Computer Science major at Middle Tennessee State University, Adam works remotely as a web and software developer for Sodium Halogen at theCO, and has been a CO:member for the past two and a half years.

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve always liked building things. So at MTSU, I found coding, and in the summer I started looking for internships to get better at it,” Adam says. “It all started because I applied for a computer science or programming internship at theCO, and I got redirected to William Donnell, who owns and runs Sodium Halogen.”

Since Adam only has one semester of college left and is close to graduation, he often gets asked what he will do next after school. “Who knows what


I’ll do, but I’ll definitely stick with Sodium Halogen as long as I can.”

Adam says theCO has been a valuable resource for him not only as a programmer, but also as a student. “The best part of theCO is the community,” Adam says. “You get a good mix of people and companies here, and you’re opened up to a whole lot of different viewpoints and ideas. I’m always learning something new.”

Community is a vital part of both CO:working spaces and the college atmosphere, and Adam says that theCO has helped him develop skills of teamwork. “I’ve learned the skill of working in teams at theCO, and that’s an important part of college too. Companies are always looking at how well you can work with others on a project, and I’ve been given the opportunity to practice that.”