CO.STARTERS Grad Spotlight: Dion Thornton

CO.STARTERS continues to help business owners just like Dion Thornton who want to be inspired to ignite their businesses. Check out this interview asking about how the program changed her life,  and make sure to attend our Business Strategy Night on Tuesday, March 21, at 5:30pm to learn more about our next class starting in April.

Tell us about your business.

My business is Above Average Sports. We focus on meeting children ages 4-18 where they are in their athletic ability and making them Above Average. We offer individual training in basketball fundamentals, basketball clinics, camps, and team activities. We offer sports nutrition to complete the needs of any athlete. Above Average Sports also works with the aging population and those with autoimmune issues and disabilities offering nutritional counseling, disease management, fitness programs, and other counseling services.

Did you start your business before participating in CO.STARTERS? If so, in what ways has taking the nine-week course helped?

Yes, I started my business before participating. The course helped me get on track with what I needed to be doing. It provided answers to questions I had regarding my business, the best approaches to take, target marketing strategies, costs of services, etc. The members of theCO have been instrumental in helping me get my business going in a better direction and being an encouragement in my journey to success.

What was your most memorable CO.STARTERS moment?

My most memorable moment was the day I almost decided to give up on running my business altogether. It was not a great day and my world seemed to be crumbling. All my CO.STARTER friends were there for support and encouragement. They wouldn’t let me quit and gave me every reason to keep going—reasons I could not see at the moment. The bonds we formed in that group will be lasting. 

How important has theCO to the success of your business?

I am on a great track to reach the level of success I want and need. I feel that my experience with the members of theCO and relationships formed with them has made a huge difference. Once I reach that level I will be able to provide a more descriptive answer to this question.

What would you tell someone who is eager to start a new business in Jackson?

I would encourage them to start with CO.STARTERS. The nine-week course will provide them with the basics needed to get their business going in the right direction coupled with the support theCO offers. They will be successful!

CO.STARTERS continues to help business owners just like Dion who want to be inspired to ignite their businesses. For more information on the next CO.STARTERS class, visit