Coopertheband: Grass Roots Marketing Kings (And Queen)

Indie rockstars are not typically viewed by many as entrepreneurs, but local band Coopertheband is everything that entrepreneurs should be: talented, driven, and ready to work. For three years now, they’ve been blazing a new trail for musicians old and young in Jackson, Tennessee.

Their most recent efforts featured a grass roots marketing campaign that involved the band performing shows in offbeat venues.

“They have worked their behinds off,” Angela Scott, mother of lead vocal Phoebe Scott, said. “They did home shows. I mean, they would literally go out in the middle of winter and set up in front of a restaurants . . . and they would play for free, pass out their cards, and let people know who they were and what they were doing.”

To celebrate the release of their new crowdfunded album, KINGDOMS, Coopertheband is teaming up with theCO for an album release party on August 4.

Outside of shows and recording booths, there is still work to be done. Coopertheband runs their show like a business, each member taking major roles:

To set the stage, the member formerly known as “the beard,” Will Kwasigroh, is the rhythm of the band both on and off the stage. Kwasigroh takes the role as drummer for the crew but also handles the band’s syncopation, managing the schedule and timing.

Cooper Brown uses his Belmont University degree to create marketing and public relations campaigns that stick to the hearts and souls of audiences.

University of Memphis alumni Matt Hammond’s main role accompanies that of the front man; though based in Nashville, he works as the stage manager and marketing specialist.

While Phoebe Scott is best known for her lead vocals, she also stands as the band’s voice on social media.

And lastly, Joseph Kyle is not only the lead guitarist but also serves as engineer, working to get the best sound during production sessions. Kyle also helps with gluing down lyrics.

Each member has taken time to explore life outside of music and applies him/herself in higher learning, working full-time jobs or operating as full-time students. Having a well-rounded life, Hammonds said, is the just as important as playing shows. All of these experiences have taught Coopertheband members important lessons in entrepreneurship.

Hammonds describes the life of a song-writer as “the world’s smallest small business.” Also a Licensing Specialist at the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP), he explained, “You work for yourself, [and] by yourself it’s completely self-sustained. You’re basically a factory that puts out music.”

With each member’s talents, the band has done just that, and each song on their KINGDOMS album is 100% original. For a sneak peek of the heart-melting madness that will happen on Friday, August 4, visit Coopertheband’s website at

Photography provided by Coopertheband.