Made at theCO: Christmas Gifts

It’s the middle of the holiday season, and Christmas is just around the corner. If you are still looking for gifts for family and friends, start looking at theCO. You might be surprised to hear that many CO:members make items that could serve as a perfect gift. Here are a couple ideas for presents:


The Our Jackson Home shop at theCO has a wide range of items that are perfect for For Jackson natives and transplants alike.  Spread Christmas cheer while also celebrating the city we all love.

The magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Katie Howerton says, “Last year was our first time launching holiday-specific apparel and gifts, and it was super successful, I think mostly because people love the idea of how the place they call home celebrates the holidays in a unique way. Christmas time reminds us of all we’re grateful for, including our community, and my hope is that our stories encourage that and that our gifts are a way to celebrate it year round.”

Katie also has some suggestions for gift ideas:

“We’ve got a great variety of apparel for both kids and adults that ranges in style so that you can find just the right thing for your friends and family. We print on the softest tees around, and our screen-printing process is done by hand, making each piece an individual creation. For those who don’t enjoy clothing gifts, though, we’ve got tons of stocking stuffers, like prints, mugs, and stickers. But I think the best gift you could give from our shop is a subscription to our journal. It’s three issues a year delivered straight to your door and only $20. I’ve found it to be an equally appreciated gift for local family members and those far off as it connects your loved ones to your home and perhaps what once was their own hometown.”

Be sure to stop by the OJH shop at theCO, or shop online at :


We all know someone who loves to support local artists and creatives, which makes Garner Blue, run by Lisa Garner another great choice for Christmas shopping. She hand dyes indigo textiles and accessories that you can wear or decorate with. She dyes everything, from kimonos, scarves and pillowcases, to indigo wall art and napkins. But Lisa’s suggestion for this Christmas is Hand Dyed Baltic Birch Earrings.

On her website, she says: “For these earrings I laser cut Baltic birch wood into various geo shapes and dipped them multiple times into my indigo vat to create these patterns. The earrings are then sealed to maintain the indigo tones.”

Lisa says, “I love getting to stock the Garner Blue Shop extra full for the holidays--there are all sorts of new things in there and many are made by my fellow maker/artist pals so that is great too.”

Check out the Garner Blue Shop at:


Working at a desk is a common task, whether it’s at the office or the house, and we all know that our desks are constantly filling up with mail, monitors,  and charger cables. For the person who needs a little more desk space, look no further than Anchor Pine, run by CO:member Joshua Guthrie.

Joshua says, “As Anchor Pine, I craft hand-made wooden monitor stands designed to enhance workspace organization, ergonomics, and aesthetics. I specialize in custom pieces, each tailored to an individual client and their needs.”

As Joshua’s business is generally custom made, he spends time getting to know his customers.


“The best part of running Anchor Pine is that I get to interact with clients on an individual basis, coming to know them, their workspace, and their needs within that space. I love the variety (and yet continuity) of that process!” he says.

Christmas is the perfect time to show your friends and family that you have spent time thinking about them, and what better way to do that than an Anchor Pine piece.

Joshua says, “Ideally, the gifts we give our loved ones should communicate that we have thought of them specifically—that we know and understand their needs, tastes, and desires. Anchor Pine products do this well, as they offer practical benefits (improved ergonomics, better organization) while doing so in an attractive way that is personalized to each client.”

Find Joshua on Facebook here, and visit his website:


How many friends do you have that love technology and originality? Austin Thompson, owner of Random Pieces of Wood, uses the laser cutter in theCO’s Makerspace to create his products. Austin says, “Random Pieces of Wood sells laser engraved pieces of awesome made locally in Jackson, Tennessee. We sell laser cut and laser engraved gifts such as coasters, cufflinks, wine boxes and many other items that make unique gifts. And we also do custom projects.”

Austin enjoys creating items that are distinct and one-of-a-kind. He makes everything from earrings and picture frames to laser cut signs. He says, “My favorite part of running Random Pieces of Wood is doing the custom projects and seeing people’s reactions to my work. And of course, seeing people share their gifts on social media and tagging us in their posts.”

Find Austin on Facebook here, and visit his website at:

His work is also available for sale at theCO. (541 Wiley Parker Road, Jackson, TN 38305)