Best in the West: Top 10

theCO recently hosted its second edition of the Best in the West competition to foster entrepreneurial spirit in West Tennessee by connecting local entrepreneurs to funding and a collaborative community. Contestants from all sectors and industries pitched their original ideas. Among the many applicants, here are the ten ideas that stood out the most; find out how you can support these emerging local businesses.

Xcellent Life Victor L. Brown

We are a digital healthcare analytics company that utilizes predictive analytics to evaluate a comprehensive set of health factors to determine a person’s health in that moment and where their health is going in the future.

We invite healthcare service providers, insurance companies, and employers to utilize the Xcellent Life Cloud Platform & Mobile App for free (limited availability) for a pilot program to drive the value of your business and the health of your patient & client bases up. Contact Xcellent Life at 1-800-925-8514 or to get started today.

Penny Trail Express, Inc. Lisa Coleraine

We own the patented design of an exciting new concept in personal mobility, The Transport 4 Two (T-4-2), a transport chair for two people, provides convenience by transporting two individuals at the same time.

Let's roll! For more information on the T-4-Two or Penny Trail Express, Inc.,call 731-217-6579, visit our website, or email questions to

Henson Construction Services, Inc. Jimmy Henson

We convert shipping containers into FEMA P-361-rated safety systems for businesses, homeowners, and others.

Learn more on our website.

We Made IT, Inc. Shawn McCombs

We research the development of new products and businesses and are currently working on a project involving connecting additional screens to laptops.

Learn more on our website.

Nebulosity Music & Arts Festival Heath McKissick & Kari Howard

NebFest is a music and arts festival hosted in Atwood, Tennessee, featuring over forty musicians of various genres on three stages, as well as workshops, activities, and vendors.

Learn more on our website.

The Farmer's Perk / Cock-A-Doodle Dough Seth Nelson

In addition to our food truck, we operate in areas such as event catering, wholesale, and licensing branches such as our shop in The Old Country Store and catering branch in Memphis.

Visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay plugged in and up-to-date with the food truck. Also, be sure to stop by The Farmer's Perk at The Old Country Store, open seven days a week.

Pyyros, LLC. Adam Nichols

We produce the world’s first modular multi-purpose flashlight that utilizes interchangeable, electronic plug and play devices and storage modules in a compact water tight aluminum housing.

Learn more at our Kickstarter site or our website.

Locally sourced meal service Jesse Perkins

Similar to online meal delivery systems (i.e., Blue Apron), we deliver a ready-to-prepare meal straight to your door that is 100% sourced West Tennessee, utilizing local farms such as Marmilu, J&J, and Rosecreek.

Email us for more information.

ApeGrip Training Products Brad Royer

We help create an environment in everyone’s workout that will push their abilities to the limits by providing high quality, unconventional training tools that target people's weaknesses to help create all-around better athletes.

Check out ApeGrip Training Products on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on products, sales, and promotions.

Wyatt Woeltje Menswear Wyatt W. Woeltje

Wyatt Woeltje Menswear is centered around the custom-tailored clothing experience at a price that is affordable for all people. We currently sell custom suits/outerwear, shirts, and over sixty styles of socks.

To get a free consultation from one our clothiers, please call 731-313-9048. Interested in becoming a clothier and getting paid to stay classy? We'd love to hear from you. You can reach us at the number above or at