Meet our Best in the West Finalists: The Farmer's Perk

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School was out, and fourteen-year-old Seth Nelson was strapped for cash.

Like many entrepreneurs, Nelson noticed a hole in the market: no one at the West Tennessee Farmers’ Market was offering coffee to the patrons who came out on Saturday morning to browse the colorful selections of vegetables, herbs, and goods. Nelson invested $400 in obtaining a coffee pot and bags of coffee beans, and during the summer of 2012 he began a business that he would later name “The Farmer’s Perk.”

The idea was an instant success, and The Farmer’s Perk has grown significantly over the last five years. Nelson now operates the business at out of the Old Country Store, selling certified organic and fair trade coffee. He also offers event and wedding catering and has a catering branch in Memphis.

“The range of the markets we encompass as a single company is something very rarely seen,” Nelson said. “We hold a share in the catering, wholesale, brick and mortar, and food truck markets of West Tennessee. This gives us an extraordinary potential for growth.”


The business also owns a food truck called Cock-a-Doodle Dough, which sells a variety of doughnuts, from comfortingly traditional to delightfully creative. They also offer cake mini doughnuts, which come in an order of four, eight, or twelve and are made to order with a variety of sauces, glazes, and toppings.

“Our doughnuts are unique in themselves, being what I would refer to as ‘festival food,’” Nelson said. “They can be as simple or extravagant as you please, from a simple powdered doughnut to Maple and Bacon, S’mores, or even a PB&J.”

Nelson gives credit for the business’ success to the support of the Jackson community.


“The Jackson community has been very supportive of us from the beginning and established a great foundation for the business,” he said. “From there, we have always striven to uphold quality and consistency in the product, as well as make sure every customer knows they are appreciated.”

Follow The Farmer’s Perk on Facebook and Instagram and visit them at the Old Country Store.