Meet our Best in the West Finalists: ApeGrip Training Products

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Brad Royer wasn’t getting the most out of his workouts. Whenever he lifted weights, the white chalk on his palms slid onto his wrists in ashy rivers of sweat. He tried researching alternative products, but he couldn’t find anything that sufficiently kept his hands dry and grip strong. So he decided to invent a product himself.

Royer, a certified athletic trainer, created ApeGrip Xtreme Liquid Chalk. The liquid chalk squeezes out of a package and quickly solidifies, creating a substance that sticks to hands better than chalk and makes less mess.

“It helps the individuals who purchase the products strengthen a part of their kinetic chain often neglected: their grip,” Royer said.

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According to a study conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, there is a definite correlation between grip strength and overall health. A strong grip indicates a lower risk of heart attack or stroke. A weak grip can lead to a variety of problems, from an inefficient workout to a serious injury.

“The mission of ApeGrip Training Products is to create an environment in everyone’s workout that will push their abilities to the limits by providing high quality, unconventional training tools that target people's weaknesses to help create all-around better athletes,” Royer said.


“I have used other chalk products in the past, both liquid and traditional,” Sondra Bruno, an ApeGrip customer, claimed. “ApeGrip is by far the best chalk product I have used. Very little product is needed to be effective. . . . It does not build up, pill, or flake with multiple applications. The packaging is completely trustworthy to rattle around in your gym bag. . . . Added bonus is it smells great.”

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