Board Member Spotlight: Kevin Adelsberger

theCO recently added four new board members in the beginning of August, to help provide fiscal and policy oversight, as well as helping to provide insight for long term planning. But one of the most important things about these new members, is that they are some of the first board members who are also CO:workers. Kevin Adelsberger is one of the four newest members, and he has run his business, Adelsberger Marketing out of theCO for the past four years.

“Something I have thought for a long time is that it would be good to have some sort of member representation on the board,” Kevin said. “And now there’s four of us on there.”

Accompanying Kevin as new to the board, are Austin Thompson of Thompson Industries and Random Pieces of Wood, Beth Wilson of Jackson Escape Rooms, and Andre Gist, creator of “The Lighting Bug” and CEO of BG Safety Systems.

“Austin and I use theCO the most, but Andre also uses the space, but in a different way. And Beth’s business went through CO.starters. So we’ve really been here since day one.” Kevin continued.  By introducing CO:workers to the board, theCO is hopeful that a different viewpoint will offer a fresh and new perspective to the team.

Kevin and Austin have been members at theCO since its opening in 2014, and both relay their excitement to serve the space in a new way. Kevin has always been the first to jump up and give tours, he has been successful in growing and cultivating a small business through theCO, and he usually uses the recording room to do podcasts for Our Jackson Home.

Not only is Kevin active at theCO, but he is no stranger to being a board member. He is also currently on the board for Leadership University, and actively serves as the board President for the Madison County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) that supports children in the foster care system. Now that Kevin is on theCO’s board he looks forward to engaging with the space in a new way. Kevin maintains that theCO has been beneficial to his business, and now he gets to turn around and give back.

“Good CO:working members are always giving back to the CO:working space, no matter where it is,” Kevin says. “I love theCO, and I want it to succeed. My involvement is not limited to the board, but it’s now including the board and has expanding that way.”