How Coding is Becoming Necessary Across Industries

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Guest Blog By: Katherine (Tori) Lutz

When most people think of coding, they tend to also think about STEM fields, the tech industry and individuals who are academically inclined and highly experienced with computers and other technology.

While coding is definitely still connected to these things, thinking that its only application is to highly specific technological fields couldn’t be further from the truth.

Coding is becoming an increasingly necessary skill in virtually any industry since technology is becoming more and more integral to our society as the years go on.

Here are a few reasons that coding is one of the most important skills across all industries in modern day!

Increasing Need for Coders

With how necessary computers, phones and software have become to pretty much every industry, the need for coders everywhere has also increased.

Coding is an integral part of website design, software design and general technological management that is critical for the survival of any company.

Due to the spike in demand for coding skills, there will be an estimated one million open jobs in the U.S. tech industry by 2020. While many other industries may be difficult to break into, this one typically only requires a bachelor’s degree and solid knowledge of coding and general computer science skills.

In addition to the high availability of jobs, they are also well-paying and lead to a secure and comfortable lifestyle. The median pay for software engineers in 2017 was about $103,000 annually or $50/hr.

Since coding pays well and leads to stable career paths, it is an excellent field to go into when keeping job security in mind.

And with the shift of the world’s economy in the direction of technology, coding and computer science is one of the most practical and logical skills to develop no matter which industry you want to put your focus into.

Diverse Uses in Most Industries

While coding is obviously important in computer science and STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), it is also becoming useful in industries like education, law, business, farming, and many others.

STEM fields will often require computer skills for a large number of available positions, even in fields that may not seem to be centered on technology.

David Dodge, CEO of Codakid, has seen the diverse use of coding in a variety of STEM industries like medicine and engineering:

“For kids and students who are interested in fields like engineering and medicine, it is important to note that mathematical and scientific skills aren’t really enough anymore. Virtually all data is processed on computers at this point, and knowledge of computers and coding is essential to making everything run smoothly. Coding skills are now essential in saving and bettering lives through STEM areas, and anyone interested or involved in these fields is urged to look into it!”

Despite the more clear connections to STEM fields, coding can also be useful in educational areas.

EdTech is a lucrative and fulfilling field because it takes the skills and knowledge of coding and computer science and puts it to use in a way that will help educate students and professionals alike.

Many modern educational tools nowadays are found online, through software or on mobile apps. Not only is it an extremely accessible way to spread educational materials, it is becoming the norm in many schools and businesses, making it a lucrative area to pursue.

In terms of business, virtually every company will have a website and possibly even specific software and servers to make their venture run smoothly and effectively.

Companies are willing to put a good deal of their budget into the computer science side of their day-to-day necessities since the skill is so highly sought after and mandatory to smooth proceedings. If you are worried about student debt, this is a great field to pursue to pay it off!

Regardless of the field you find yourself drawn to, coding will make you a valuable and secure part of it.

Unprecedented Access to Coding Resources

It’s easier than ever before to learn how to code, and this is leading to a surge in people who are picking up the skill.

Not only are there countless resources to help you learn how to code, many of these resources are free and easily accessible through the internet. Even if your only access to a computer is at your local library, you are able to pick up the skill!

This accessibility is making it easier and easier for the masses to educate themselves on the technical aspects of computers, the internet and software development as a whole.

Because of this accessibility, industries across the board are able to tap into new potential and grow their businesses and organizations in an unprecedented way.

Additionally, since the skill is no longer a well-kept secret, employers are actively searching for people with a background in computer science and coding regardless of the industry they find themselves in.

Whether a venture is looking for new educational resources to take teaching to the next level or a state-of-the-art way to organize and keep track of important data, more and more people are learning how to make that a reality, expanding the possibilities to new places never seen before.

In Summary

Though coding may seem like a skill that is only related to jobs in the tech industry, the rise of technology over the years has made it essential everywhere you look.

The fact that there is an increasing need for coders due to the ever-growing need for technological innovation, a presence of technology and computer tools in all industries and an ease of access to coding knowledge that has never been seen before is responsible for the growing popularity and demand of this skill.

The economy and available careers have always shifted along with the new technological innovations that have become available. Now, that has to do with computers and the coding and computer science that comes with that.

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Katherine (Tori) Lutz is a recent Florida State University graduate and current student at Columbia University. Professionally, she has a great deal of experience in freelance writing, editing and marketing. She is currently living in New York where she hopes to become a journalist.