CO.STARTERS Spotlight: Kingdom Concierge


When most people think about planning a trip to Disney, they instantly feel overwhelmed. After all, there are a lot of details to consider. Alison Weaver saw an opportunity to apply her experience and expertise by establishing Kingdom Concierge, a company who will plan your magical trip for free.

Alison had an abundance of Disney knowledge but a shortage of how-to-operate-a-business knowledge. She turned to CO.STARTERS for help.

According to Alison, “CO.STARTERS gave me the confidence that I lacked as a business owner.” She attributes her business’ growth to her time with like-minded classmates and helpful teachers.

She says the session that helped her the most was “Knowing Your Customer.” Since each of her customers has different needs, passions, budgets, and goals for their trip to Disney, each vacation plan she creates is customized. By better knowing her customer she learned “how to get information from a client that helped me better communicate with them, it helped me better service them, but also market to them better … Getting to know my customer was a game changer for my business.”

To this day, Alison still finds herself facing challenging situations. In those moments, she often first reaches for her CO.STARTERS manual to review her notes from class. Since completing CO.STARTERS, Kingdom Concierge has extended its reach with 21 agents in 9 different states across the US. In fact, they have more than tripled their sales. Kingdom Concierge has also been recognized as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner on account of their attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Alison says, “CO.STARTERS provided a fertile ground for me to be able to cultivate and grow my ideas. And also really accelerate toward goals.”