Member Spotlight: Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson Member Spotlight

Written by Felicia Ingram

Lee Wilson is a Texas native with eight-year-old roots growing deep in Jackson, Tennessee. A bachelor’s in English Literature and master’s in Theology is an unconventional pathway to entrepreneurship, but his years of creating programming and working with college students primed him for an adventure in immersive entertainment that began in March 2015.

Jackson Escape Rooms, his now fully developed business, began as a pop-up shop. After 2,500 eager participants showing for their first event and a continued following, Wilson began to provide the one-time service more frequently. Soon, it became a full fledged business. 

Wilson, a husband and father of three, describes his local phenomenon Jackson Escape Rooms (JER) as an accidental success or an experiment gone horribly right. Today, Wilson’s escape rooms are in three cities including Waco, Texas; Murfreesboro, Tennessee; and Jackson—not to mention the thirty people JER now employs.

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Still, Wilson remembers the countless other people who have assisted in his success.

“theCO has been an excellent place for unofficial mentorship,” he expressed concerning theCO’s wealth of resources.

Without theCO, there would be no Jackson Escape Rooms. Wilson mentioned in an interview that theCO’s tools are vital to JER’s operations.

Wilson’s involvement in theCO’s CO.STARTERS program has also assisted in learning important aspects of business. Though his parents owned and operated a business, Wilson still needed his own learning experience. Wilson gleaned important information and built relationships with CO:founders Ben Ferguson and William Donnell. 

“As an accidental entrepreneur, CO.STARTERS went a long way to provide me with a foundation in the basics of business with an emphasis on doing business, not just knowing business theory,” he explained.

Wilson also understands the importance of mentorship and uses his very own style with his staff.


“He welcomes feedback from employees, and he treats us like family,” staff member Korey Adams said. “He trusts us to do our jobs ,and we can trust him to make sure we are prepared to do our jobs.” 

A man so passionate about building relationships understands that the Jackson Escape Rooms experience is the best place to do so.

“People leave here not talking about the experience but talking about what they learned about themselves.”

To learn more about Jackson Escape Rooms, visit their website at If you are interested in starting your own business or giving your current business a makeover, check out our CO.STARTERS program starting next week: