Made at theCO | Jack Goodwin

Made at theCO: How to Make 3D-Printed Artwork

Written by Felicia Ingram


What can become of one high school senior, a 3D printer, and a CO:membership for students? For Jack Goodwin, it was an A-plus worthy, overachieving interpretation of modern and classic design. Goodwin is a recent University School of Jackson graduate who utilized theCO for an AP Art assignment. His weapon of choice was the 3D printer.


This type of tech will come in handy for Goodwin in the future, who plans to attend Christian Brothers University in Memphis, Tennessee, where he will major in Civil Engineering. Who knew he could learn the basics by just purchasing a one-month student CO:membership for $50?

Materials & Equipment:

  • Sketch paper
  • 3D design computer program (i.e., TinkerCad or SketchUp)
  • 3D Printer
  • 3D Printer filament

Step 1:

Like all works of art, it started with an idea. Goodwin began utilizing old-fashioned pencil and paper to create his designs. Piece by piece, Goodwin planned every dimension, angle, and measurement from scratch. Pretty amazing for a high school student.

Step 2:

Using the online software, TinkerCad, Goodwin turned his sketches to 3D models. He made sure toadapt each composition to contain eco-friendly add-ons such as solar panels.

Step 3:

Lastly, Goodwin carried his designs over to theCO’s 3D printer where building began. theCO currently houses three 3D printers, some of which can be accessed remotely from any computer. The 3D printer uses filament to replicate and build the artist’s 3D models. Goodwin feels proud to have created his work of art at theCO.


The Final Product:

When asked if he would recommend theCO to other high school students, he said, “Once I got here, I was like, ‘$50 is worth it!’ Because you get all of this stuff, and there’s nice people. Even if I had to run out, [a fellow CO:member would] stay and watch it. If it messed up, he’d restart it for me.” Goodwin gave the impression that the community was just as important as what was being made.