Made At theCO with Trey McIver and Wade Thomson

Ever wonder what you can do with a $35 computer called a Raspberry Pi? To be honest, the possibilities are endless! However, let’s begin one at a time and tell you about what Wade Thomson and Trey McIver, two of our more tech savvy members, have been up to with their real­-time accenting lighting for your TV which they call ­Hyperlight.


  • Raspberry Pi computer 
  • 1 roll of RGB LED lights measuring the perimeter of TV
  • HDMI splitter
  • Computer programming skills


Step 1 - Exploring New Ideas

The guys knew that accent lighting for your tv was not a new concept, yet real-­time accent lighting that changes color with the picture on the screen was a new concept, well at least to them. Challenge accepted!

Step 2 - Connecting Raspberry Pi and TV

Using an HDMI splitter, the guys hooked up one split to their TV and the other to a Raspberry Pi. There are many kinds of HDMI splitters out there but this one just took one outgoing signal and split it two ways.

Step 3 - Inputting Data into Raspberry Pi

Next, they had to capture the video out of a cable box or any other device that outputs a signal, and store that data on the Raspberry Pi computer.

Step 4 - Writing Software For Video Analysis

Basically what has to happen for this whole process to work is the software reads the video on the screen, which after assigning it to a particular pixel on the tv to analyze, it then sends a signal to the RGB LED lights to display the exact color that is showing on that very moment, giving you a real­-time changing color of accent lights around the side of your TV. Not a necessity but definitely cool to have!

Written by Dan Drogosh.