Made at theCO with Connor Bailey

Connor Bailey, senior mechanical engineering major at Union University and summer intern at theCO worked on getting our CNC router up and running this summer. Many people have been curious about what the router can be used for so we asked him to show us a recent project. The router can make many more complex woodworking projects or prototypes and we look forward to showcasing more projects in the future. Below Connor is working on a corner shelf that will be used to house the Oculus Rift in the lobby of theCO. 

Here we see Connor using a CAD (computer animated design) program, Mach 3, to search for the image he is going to use as a template for the design. The router is designed to take any image from Mach 3 and cut it out precisely within a hundredth of an inch. 

Pictured here, the CNC router bit is etching the shelf design from plywood. The hose shown is a vacuum used to collect the extra sawdust from the design for easy clean-up.

After being polished with polyurethane, we have a brand new corner shelf in theCO lobby! The set-up of taking a custom made file from start to finish is extreamly involved but we look forward to  perfecting our system. Now, what can YOU make at theCO?

Samantha Curry is an intern, writer, designer, and author of this piece.