Our First Year at theCO

What’s a birthday without a little celebration, right? Starting July 20th, a year since theCO first opened their doors to the public, this entire week will be dedicated to commemorating a great year of collaboration, entrepreneurship, awesomely quirky creations and growing stronger businesses. We caught up with one of theCO’s founders and two veteran members, for their take on theCO’s first year:

William Donnell, theCO CO:founder: “Since we started this crazy idea, theCO has absolutely exceeded my expectations. When first coming up with the idea, we thought it would be much simpler and less involved. We just weren’t sure how much the community would be engaged. It was kind of a like an “if we build it, they will come” philosophy. And that has proved to be true. We built it and people have come."

Lori Reeves, Unleashed Web Design: “I have been a member at theCO for about 10 months now. I have found out about more business opportunities here [in Jackson] by collaborating with people at theCO. I believe I would still have a growing business, but theCO has offered so many local customers and I actually prefer to work locally. It has taken my business in a different direction than if it had never been here.”

Kevin Adelsberger, Adelsberger Marketing: “I’ve been here for the past 10 months, which have also been the first 10 months of my business. The value that theCO has brought to my business is hard to quantify. It’s not  just the facility that makes me look like a professional, but the relationships that have encouraged me to be better and the referrals that have allowed my business to be more successful than imagined. I love this place and it has helped me tremendously.”

Check out theCO’s facebook page for all of the Birthday Week festivites!

Samantha Curry is an intern, writer, editor, designer and author of this piece.