DIY: Jewelry Box with Aaron Hardin

CO:member, Aaron Hardin loves using the laser cutter / etcher we have in

our makerspace. We caught up with him as he worked on his latest project,

a do-it-yourself wooden jewelry box.

First, Aaron found the box design on a website. He then modified the cut-outs and used the laser cutter to etch the design on to the wood

Next, he tested all the pieces and put them together  to assure they fit correctly.

Using small amounts of wood glue and masking tape, Aaron connected the pieces of cut-outs together and then allowed them to dry overnight

Finally, he attached the brass hinges to the front and back of the box for the final touches on the finished project

This is just one of the many things theCO has to offer. Now what you can you make at theCO?

Samantha Curry is an intern, writer, designer and the author of this piece.