Co:de Catalyst Student Feature: Ryan Butler

Meet Ryan Butler, a soon-to-be graduate of Liberty Technology Magnet High School and Co:de Catalyst veteran. We asked Ryan a few questions about his second year participating in the program and heard about where he thinks coding will take him.

Ryan Butler

Liberty Technology Magnet High School

12th Grade

Dream Job: Video Game Developer 



Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I've cultivated a mustache since 5th grade.

What is something new that you have learned about either yourself or coding through participating in Co:de Catalyst for a second year?

Coding a website is harder than just taking code challenges on Treehouse; it takes a lot of time, skill, and perseverance.

Do you see yourself being involved in computer science after high school? If so, how?

Yes, I plan on extending my knowledge of coding into software and game development.

What specific area of coding are you interested in?


Joseph Smith is an intern at theCO and the author of this piece.