Co:de Catalyst Student Feature: Steven Prescott

CO:de Catalyst is a partnership we have with Treehouse, a self-paced web platform that we provide to local high schools which teaches students how to build a website, learn to code, build an application or start a business. We've asked a few of the standout students who have participated to share a little about themselves and their experience in coding with us. 

Steven Prescott

Madison Academic High School

11th Grade

Dream Job: Developer Evangelist 


Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

Not only do I enjoy programming, but also taking computers apart and tinkering with the hardware.

What is something new that you have learned about either yourself or coding through participating in Code Catalyst for a second year?

During the program I learned that sometimes it's best to tackle a problem head on. If someone asks me for help on a new topic, then it can be a learning experience for both of us. When the time came around to compete, I used this reasoning for my project.

Do you see yourself being involved in computer science after high school? If so, how?

Yes, I believe that computer science will be a definite force in my career. I can see myself waking up every morning, putting on a tech company's t-shirt, and writing code for a few hours. The best part would be working on something that could benefit a lot of people. That's my dream job. 

What specific area of coding are you interested in?

Recently I've been doing a lot of web development, and I'm extending to the back-end with Node.js. I did take a C++ course last year, and the learning community was incredibly supportive. This summer I'll enter into the world of software development.  


Joseph Smith is an intern at theCO and the author of this piece.