Co:de Catalyst Student Feature: Shelby Larson

This week we share another interview with one of this year's Co:de Catalyst students, Shelby. This program is one of our favorite things going on at theCO right now, and hearing students' stories about their new interest in computer science and web development because of their involvement makes it even cooler. Keep reading below to get to know Shelby!


Shelby Larson

Madison Academic High School

10th Grade

Dream Job: Web Designer or Social Media Manager 


Tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

By the time I was 12 years old I had traveled to eight different Caribbean countries.

What has been your favorite part about participating in Co:de Catalyst this year?

My favorite part of Co:de Catalyst was participating in the project competition. I enjoyed putting what I had learned to use by designing a website that went on to win 3rd place.

What has been the most difficult thing about learning computer coding for you?

The most difficult part of learning computer coding was knowing where to close tags and remembering to close them. While I was creating web pages, there were multiple times where I would close a tag in the wrong place, and it would take me so long to find that simple mistake!

What about computer coding is exciting for you?

The design aspect of computer coding is definitely the most exciting for me. I love to make things look aesthetically pleasing. I also think that using code to create something that you can visually see is a really cool concept.

Why do you think computer coding is an important skill to have?

I think coding is a very important skill to have because it will be a very useful tool when looking for a job. As technology progresses, more people that can code will be needed, so getting a head start now is definitely beneficial for me. 

Joseph Smith is an intern at theCO and the author of this piece.