Co:de Catalyst Student Feature: Wilbur Pope

One of our favorite programs offered here at theCO is  CO:de Catalyst: a partnership we have with Treehouse, a self-paced web platform that we provide to local high schools which teaches students how to build a website, learn to code, build an application or start a business. We've asked a few of the standout students who have participated to share a little about themselves and their experience in coding with us.


Wilbur Pope

University School of Jackson

10th Grade

Dream Job: Marine Biologist 


Tell us one interesting thing about yourself.

I have a pet frog!

What has been your favorite part about participating in Co:de Catalyst this year?

My favorite part about the program this year was learning how to create simple programs using different programming languages.

What about computer coding is exciting for you?

I think coding is exciting because you can do practically anything using code (especially making games). I think it is a good skill to have because there are many jobs that involve using computer coding.

Are you interested in learning more about coding or computer coding science after participating in Co:de Catalyst this year?

I would love to learn more about code!

Joseph Smith is an intern at theCO and the author of this piece.