A.M. Creative makes my month

It's true. I love gathering all of these folks together. They are creative people--in some way, shape or form. And when we put it that way, aren't we all? They choose to come to theCO fairly early on the last Tuesday of each month-- to listen, to be encouraged and to be woken up.

Each month we hear about the creative process of one local person. We learn about their craft and can't help but reflect on our own. Just this morning we heard about the art of coffee from Levi Hartsfield, Roaster at Barefoots Joe. Levi spoke of his work in continuing the care for the beans that was started in their country of origin. He is an engineering student, so he embraces and truly loves the technical aspects of coffee roasting. And his passion for developing the best cup of coffee he possibly can, pairs well with that technical understanding. That drive to take something in one simple form and work hard to bring all the life, or flavor (in this case), out of it is what each of us making are doing. So, I can relate to Levi's craft. I can both celebrate what he's doing and look with fresh eyes on my own projects.

Levi shows us coffee beans in various forms

This morning we had graphic designers, videographers, pastors, restauranteurs, poets and more in our midst. Some of them had a strong affinity for coffee, but a few admitted they don't even drink it regularly. But they were drawn this morning because they wanted to hear more about what someone in their community is creating. In their own way, they soaked up all that Levi shared and now they face the rest of their day better for it --truly awoken (and not just because of the great cup of coffee they'd just enjoyed).

Lisa Garner is Director of Operations at theCO, designer/maker/owner of Garner Blue and the author of this piece.