Wowed by our CO:de Catalyst Students

As the Fall semesters come to an end we wanted to give a quick update on CO:de Catalyst, our program for high school students working in a class or a club to utilize a web platform to teach them how to code to build websites and apps. The web-based program gives them an opportunity to learn as much as they want in several different computer languages, they aren't bound by time in class or in a certain physical space which leaves the ball in their court to see how much they can learn.

We have been wowed by some of the students and to reward them we sent each of their teachers 2 gift cards to Best Buy to be given to the students that stood out the most to them in their class or club. Below are pics of a few of the students. 

Also-- huge thanks to the amazing teachers that are bringing this program to life: Kim Colbert, Vicki Deloach, Joe Grapes, Tim Grapes, Susan Mauney, Bridgett Morrison, Donna Newberry, Jeff Replogle, Kelly Shanks and Lea Ann Smith.

If you are curious about how to get CO:de Catalyst up and going in your school, contact us!