Learn with Us

theCO is here and open for business. Last night was our Show & Tell. With over 300 people coming out, we thought it was a great success **Borat voice**. It is always great to meet new people in the community, and we were privileged to see the people that we hope to serve get excited about the space. As exhausted as we were last night, after spending weeks trying to open the building, we know that our work serving the Jackson community has just begun. The most obvious and reoccurring feedback we received was, “Idk what this place is, but its really cool.” There is our biggest opportunity/differentiator (for all you business-types out there who prefer intimidating words).

With all of the technology, 3D printers, CNC routers, laser etchers, Google glass, etc, it was easy to miss the heart of our innovation and the future of innovating companies: education. More and more companies are seeking to connect with their customers through education. Take Whole Foods, for example, they are continually blogging, programming, and informing their customers about healthy living and eating. Etsy is another enormously successful business that teaches its users good business practices and urges them to continue looking for creative new products to sell or purchase on their site. Pretty cool way of driving demand and helping your customers, right? At theCO, we have the same goal: educate our customers on how they can succeed on a global scale. Our business concept is radically new to small-town Jackson, but through our forums, blogs, classes, and office synergy, we hope to open the eyes of the community to the reality of creating a global brand here in rural Tennessee. 

Last night was our Syllabus Day, where we laid out our aspirations and expectations for the next year. Now, we need involvement from the community. Get to the space and come learn exactly what coworking/comaking looks like. (secretly, we are learning too.)