Moving Day

moving day.jpg

We have finally moved into the new building (partially at least). Over the past 2 weeks, we have been loading and unloading moving trucks, configuring the work spaces, painting the building, putting together desks, and preparing the building for an influx of entrepreneurs. The work has been a lot of heavy lifting, cleaning, and just plain hard work. While working these past two weeks, I have been told several times that “you will get to do some real business stuff once we get moved into the space”. I appreciate the concern for developing my business acumen and wanting to get me more skill-based experience. As an aspiring entrepreneur, though, I have learned that the gritty work of moving into and maintaining a building is just as important to businesses, especially brick and mortar, as marketing or accounting. The real business, at least to me, has begun. The glamorous, easy-going, millionaire life of an entrepreneur depicted on tv these days isn’t any more real than Jack Bauer saving the country from yet another terrorist threat in a mere 24 hours. Every book I’ve read, documentary I’ve watched, and real world experience I’ve gained tells me that creating a great product is extremely hard work that almost never happens overnight, but rather requires thousands of hours of work, usually after others have gone to bed or called it a day. Internships are meant to be teaching experiences. What better lesson is there to learn in my first month than that the glamour of starting of business is just a façade? Of course it’s exciting and a lot of fun (which we have had!), but the work that goes along with that, can’t be discounted or ignored. My dress code over the past two weeks has been tennis shoes and old gym shorts and shirts. Although unrefined, that dress code is much more indicative of the laborious effort it takes to start a business and be successful. 

                                             -the intern