First Impressions of theCO

As part of theCO’s learning process, we’ve asked our summer intern, Jared Haney (a recent Union University grad), to offer his perspective of theCO. His thoughts will begin theCO Chronicles:

Jared is such an animal lover, he's even trying to get this giraffe to eat his veggies

Jared is such an animal lover, he's even trying to get this giraffe to eat his veggies

It’s always interesting starting a new job, especially an internship. Typically, internships come with a cloud of uncertainty, an undefined job description, and an expectation that the intern will know everyone’s coffee order within the first week. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew the guys and Lisa were all pretty cool, so if nothing else, I would have a good time and learn a lot. As someone who aspires to be an entrepreneur, I cannot imagine a better place to learn. Very few people have the proclivity to think big, but TheCO has brought together the biggest thinkers in the area.  Even the most inept observer can immediately see the contagious passion for TheCO that sweeps through the office. Lisa and Dan have been a huge help so far, and they always keep the office interesting. How many people get to work with a local rockstar and a creative artist? That is a strength of TheCO: you are surrounded by eclectic people who bring their own strengths and ideas to the office.  

There is never a dull day here and I have yet to not have fun at work. There is something special and rare about a group of people who are internally motivated to create something greater than themselves, while revolutionizing a city. For the first time, I am in an office where everyone buys into the idea that the next big idea could come from little ol’ Jackson, TN. And, why not? The next big idea has to start somewhere, might as well be at theCO.

                                                                                                                              - the intern