The Office: Why You Need It


No, not that one...

You could be reading this anywhere: in your bed, in a coffee shop, in traffic, or–dare I say it–in an internet café. But wherever you are, I can guess that you're not doing work. Okay, maybe you're switching tabs and "sending emails", but you're not working RIGHT NOW.

This is because beds aren't for working. Beds are for sleeping. And coffee shops are for drinking coffee, traffic is for DISTRACTION-FREE DRIVING, and internet cafés are for...the 90s. You're not working because you're not in a space of work.

The physical separation of work and leisure is important for the effectiveness of both of these areas in our lives. You need a dedicated workspace to get work done, and this is why:

1. Workspaces are for working

Like I said before, work happens in a space of work, not any of those other spaces. In a workspace, there is one purpose: work. The unified purpose of a workspace eliminates distractions. And when distractions are eliminated, you work better, and when you work better, you play better, and when you play better, you feel better. When you feel better, you work like this:

2. Workspaces are full of workers

There's nothing like peer pressure to get you to do something. A workspace uses peer pressure to its benefit. But I'm not talking about your everyday peer pressure, I'm talking about positive peer pressure. Working is good, and if everyone is working, you want to work. If everyone is sipping on pumpkin spice lattes and chatting about Vampire Diaries, you don't want to work. You want to die.

3. Workspaces are full of inspiration

Workspaces are generally filled with people who want to be there doing what they love. But the best part about a workspace is this passion flows about the room and can inspire everyone around to do what they love! If you put yourself in an environment with a wide variety of driven people, you can't help but be driven yourself! Yeah, it's pretty exciting.

So whether you're a small business owner, a mobile-worker for a corporation, or simply a hard-working student, find yourself a dedicated workspace full of other driven people and GET STUFF DONE.