Member Spotlight

Dan here from theCO. I’d like to introduce a new series of blog posts about to be hitting the West Tennessee airwaves or should I say our gigabyte fiber internet? I give you our Member Spotlight.

My position at theCO places me at the heart of a small yet growing community of hard working entrepreneurs and tinkerers right here in West Tennessee who quite honestly receive little to no acknowledgment for their achievements.  To kick off this series, I’d like to share what one of our members recently accomplished and it’s something that might hit home for the 90’s gamers out there.


Meet Wade Thomson III.
Using our MakerBot Replicator 3D printer and a $45 Raspberry Pi computer, Wade crafted himself a homemade Game Boy. Having some engineering experience helped him achieve this awesome DIY project however the average tinkerer could easily fabricate a version right in their living room…or at theCO.


For those of you who haven’t heard of a Raspberry Pi, it is a small credit card sized computer that is highly customizable. It’s capable of running most desktop pc programs such as word processing, spreadsheets, HD video, and of course games!

Wade brought in the working Game Boy a few days ago for all to see. It felt great to see one of our members put their brainpower and a 3D printer to good use. Nice work Wade! 

Whether it's a homemade Game Boy or a thingamajig that grabs your mail from the box, I encourage YOU to start a project of your own here at theCO. Even our Makers Collective group which meets on the first Tuesday of every month, has decided to build a full sized arcade game. Yes, I know another game. Hey, creativity is ageless and who doesn't mind being young again?