Resident CO:workers

With a dedicated desk space, they've made theCO their home and we're so glad they have!

Chance Smith
customer experiences
Sodium Halogen ›

Courtney Searcy
hand lettering | story teller
Fine Company ›


Andre Gist + Marcus Boykin
invention | innovation in safety systems
The Lighting Bug


Trey McIver
audio | video | automation
Pro AV Jackson

Krisann Blair
essential oils | healthy living
Krisann & Co. ›



We're thrilled these people are a part of our co:mmunity!

austin thompson

Austin Thompson
3D printing guru | app builder

Thompson Industries ›

Kevin Adelsberger

Kevin Adelsberger
small business marketing
Adelsberger Marketing ›


Chris Pashley
woodworking | handyman
via facebook ›


Joshua Stutsman



Charles Grieser
GLS Labs

Lori Reeves

Lori Reeves
graphic design | aspiring speaker
Unleashed Web Design ›


Chuck Doumitt
strategic planning | marketing
Keen Medical, LLC ›


Brandy Klutzz

Perseus Books


Chris Bennett
light production | lighting
Chris Bennett Productions ›


Dave Roberts



Bill Ellison
mangement consulting
Real Intelligence Group, LLC

james dozier

James Dozier
3D printer | programmer
Think.Code.Do. ›


Aaron Hardin
visual artist | musician
Aaron Hardin Photo ›


Benjamin Lawrence
microcontroller aficionado
Industrial Technology Instructor


Anthony Merriweather
writing | photography | video
Mild Mag


Glen Buckley



Ellen Bennett
furniture restorer 
The Restored Attic ›


Kris Stewart
art direction | cartooning
Artist & Designer ›


Kathy Canovan

on Linked In ›


More coming soon!