Gather with your people. 

Meetups are a place for you to gather with people that are into something similar to you-- maybe you all geek out about technology, or you all like to think about HOW things are made-- either way, these are informal gatherings of like-minded folks. All meetups are totally free to attend and are open to anyone in the community-- you do not need to be a member and you are welcome to bring friends!

Meetups were one of the first types of programming we added at theCO and since our opening in 2014 -- their content continues to grow and adapt as much as the rest of theCO. Most of them have a framework of a topic each week so check-out details below to learn more and be sure to let us know if you have a meetup you'd like to lead!

ART Collective

Next Gathering: every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Art Collective is a group for artists, makers, designers, musicians, writers, and creators to build a thriving art community in Jackson, TN.

The goal of this group is to build a support network among artists to push our work forward as individuals and to create a buzz in the community by working collectively toward goals we set together.

Get more details on the Facebook group by clicking here

Marketing Meetup.png

marketing meetup: website audits

Next Gathering: Tuesdays, November 13th and November 27th at 5:30 p.m.

Are you frustrated with the performance of your website? Maybe you’re slightly embarrassed to share your site with potential new customers? Or maybe you’re pretty proud of your website but it’s just not yielding the sales you’d like and you’re not sure why.

 You aren’t alone. Many business owners struggle to have a great website that connects to their customer and makes sales.  Join us for a website audit session to improve your site-- we’ll discuss what makes a website successful, review your site live on screen and offer takeaways that you can implement ASAP and we’ll wrap up with a Q & A  session.

These audit sessions will be offered November 13th and November 27th— please be sure to signup for the date you’re able to come!

Hosted by: Derrick Smith



Next Gathering: Tuesday, December 4th at 5:30 p.m.

Connect with others interested in the world of coding! We took a bit of a break but CO:member Chance Smith is back and wanting to get together with fellow developers or those with an interest in coding!

No programming experience required to show up and join the conversation but please bring your laptop so you can participate. This meetup is totally free and open to all— bring your friends. RSVP below..

Interested in videos from past CO:de meet-ups? Head here.



Every Thursday at 5:00 pm.

CO:bots is a meetup for those interested in building and tinkering with...R O B O T S! Bring any builds you've been working on, or come to see what others are making. There won't be a topic each week-- this is more of a gathering place for robotics lovers aged 10 and up.

Vets in Business FB event graphic.png

VETS in Business

Next Gathering: TBD

Join us for networking at our first meetup focused on veterans that own business and those wanting to dive in to the business world. 

Interested in finding resources that are unique to you or just getting tips on business in general? Come tonight to talk more about the type of meetup you'd benefit from the most. 

Hosted by: Austin Thompson

Business Book Club Meetup2.png

business book club

Next Gathering: TBD but look for updates in January 2019

Last Book: Building A StoryBrand  by Donald Miller | October 23 - Nov 8

Come to the Business Book Club to finally read that book you’ve had on the shelf and grow your business — in this first season we’ll be reading Building A StoryBrand. We’ll discuss the content of the book and then focus on practical ways to  implement what we learned— we’ll also provide resource summaries. For the best experience, read over the first three chapters before the meeting. However, if you don’t get to read it or don’t even have the book, come anyways—you don’t have to read the book to benefit and contribute the conversation.

Hosted by: Derrick Smith