What is Eureka?

A contest for bright minds to generate real business solutions. 

Entrepreneurs are starters, initiators, risk takers and opportunists. Each of the colleges in our area are working hard to prepare their students to not only capitalize on opportunities available to them beyond graduation but also to make their own. Eureka is designed to inspire college students to develop the drive necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur while also connecting local business owners and organizations to fresh ideas. Sound like something you might be interested in being a part of? Click below to let us know...


Eureka 2017 is TBD. Below are details from our 2016 event. We're still in the process of determining how and when the 2017 event will function as we want to be sure it's a success!


Who can compete?

18-24 year olds in West Tennessee. We'll pick 12 of the best from those that applied and put them in 4 teams of three. 




How does the CONTEST work?

Eureka takes place in three stages: reverse pitch, idea generation and final pitch.

Part 1: Reverse Pitch --Each team will be presented with a “reverse pitch” and must work together to devise a practical solution. Unlike a normal pitch that provides a solution to a problem, a reverse pitch provides challenge and asks others to come up with a solution. Reverse pitchers/business partners will provide their assigned teams with a challenge to address, while describing their ideal customer as well as other alternatives their customers might currently be working with.

Part 2: Idea Generation --Using the CO.STARTERS Canvas and framework, the teams will spend the night and the following day developing workable strategies to address the challenges they are assigned. A mentor will be on hand to support the process. By the end of the idea generation phase, teams should be able to articulate their proposed solutions, as well as how and why those solutions will work. Each group will also prepare a communications plan and project budget to complete the proposal.

Part 3: Final Pitch --As the event draws to a close, teams will have five minutes each to pitch their ideas to the judges and a local audience. 


Prize  package

Each member of the winning team will win a $500 prize package, including $350 cash and 3 month of CO:membership. We want your ideas to take root and for you to have a place to grow them-- we're here to support you!



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