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Educator Workshop: UX and Data Dev


Amidst all of the hubbub of running a business or launching a project, customer feedback might seem low on the list of priorities—but it's CRUCIAL. Understanding how UX (user experience) plays into web development projects is a critical skill for professionals.

Come learn how you can introduce this concept to your high school students as they work with their "client" to complete their dev projects. In addition, educators will be introduced to the idea of data management and our new Dev Catalyst competition category "Data Dev."

Attendees should bring a laptop.

Led by: William Donnell

CO:founder William Donnell is founder and lead “designtist” of experience design firm Sodium Halogen. Over the past fifteen years, William’s team has worked remotely with startups from San Francisco to DC, as well as with established companies such as GE Capital and Mars Petcare to create amazing brand experiences for the web and mobile with their “Designtific Method.” William created a workshop with the smart folks at, spoke at past two Lean Startup conferences, and recently helped Pivotal Labs facilitate an innovation workshop for the White House. 

Sign up by July 3, 2017.

Workshop Fee: $250