What is Dev Catalyst?

Dev Catalyst began in 2013 with the mission of providing online and industry-current coding education to build our nation’s tech talent pipeline. Since then students from across Tennessee and beyond have joined the program. Dev Catalyst works to cultivate students’ skills in web development, physical computing, UX, and data management.

how does it work?

Dev Catalyst is rooted in developing student coders who are marketable in today’s workforce and we offer three high school competition categories: Hardware Development, Novice Web Development and Data Development.

Students in the Hardware Development category gain experience in physical computing as they work with a team to develop a product. Students in Novice Web Dev seek out local businesses or nonprofit organizations to serve as their “client” for a website project to add to their online portfolios. Through this collaboration between client and student, students further develop their professional and coding skills. Our Data Dev track teaches students to implement and utilize relational database systems that their dev team can use in creating their data-driven applications.


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Student perks

  • Opportunity to compete for a  spot on our all-expense-paid San Francisco Tech Tour

  • Opportunities to work collaboratively on projects and highlight those projects in an online portfolio

  • Develop professional skills related to interviewing, professional social media management and maintaining a code repository

  • Network with tech professionals and opportunities to participate in area technology events

Check out some fun special projects we’ve worked on in the past with some of the students:: Summer of 2016 Socktober website and Summer of 2017 Jackson-Madison County Library's Big Read website. We look forward to future project and internship opportunities for some of the best and brightest of the students in the program. 


Educator perks

  • Professional development workshops

  • Opportunity to go on our all-expense-paid San Francisco Tech Tour

  • Classroom resources that guide students through a project that can be submitted to the Dev Catalyst competition

  • An online learning platform that adheres to Tennessee CTE standards for Coding 1 and Computer Science Fundamentals and tracks student proficiency of those standards


High School Students throughout Tennessee (and beyond)
Are learning to Code. are you among them?

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