What is Dev Catalyst?

Dev Catalyst began in 2013 with the goal of improving technology education and to grow tech talent in Tennessee. Through Dev Catalyst, high school students use a web platform to teach them up-to-date coding languages enabling them to build a website, create a web application or start a business. By the end of their first year, students have learned programming languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. 

how does it work?

Dev Catalyst is rooted in developing student coders who are marketable in today’s workforce and we offer four tiers of involvement: Novice Web Development, Advanced Web Development, App Development and Coding Certification. Students in Novice and Advanced Web Development seek out local businesses or nonprofit organizations to serve as their “client” for a website project to add to their online portfolios. Through this collaboration between client and student, students further develop their professional and coding skills. Our App Development track focuses on dev in Swift or Android to create an interactive app with their partner. Our Coding Certification is an advanced program available for a select number of students through Treehouse's Techdegree program. 


Interested yet? If your school doesn't yet offer Dev Catalyst or if you are or know a home school student wanting to connect with a strong coding program, click to learn more!


Student perks

  • Dev Catalyst then rewards the top performing students at an event with awards such as mini ipads and an all-expenses-paid trip to San Francisco.  While in San Francisco, students tour tech companies such as Google, LinkedIn, and Pivotal Labs.
  • Opportunity to participate in Raspberry Pi Contest with potential to show off your project at theCOtoberfest or the Dev Catalyst Awardaganza
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively on special projects under the mentorship of tech professionals

Speaking of Special Projects, in the Summer of 2016, four Dev Catalyst students had the opportunity to work on the new Socktober website. Click here to learn more about this awesome philanthropic mission and see the site. And click here to read a bit more about their process. We look forward to future project opportunities for some of the best and brightest of the students in the program. 


Educator perks

  • Professional development opportunities including workshops built with you as teachers in mind and giving you tools to better equip your students
  • Access to attend our CO:de meet-up, targeted to technology focused individuals. It meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month and is led by a local technology guru
  • Full access to our online learning platform (student and teacher accounts) with engaging regularly updated video tutorials, formative and summative assessments, feedback and hints for coding challenges
  • One free administrative account per school to the online learning platform
  • Supplemental classroom resources
  • Access to tech industry guest speakers
  • Opportunity to attend the San Francisco trip as a Top Teacher

High School Students throughout Tennessee (and beyond)
Are learning to Code. are you among them?


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