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Dev Catalyst (formerly CO:de Catalyst) is a program through theCO for middle and high school students which utilizes a web platform to teach students up-to-date coding languages enabling them to build a website, create a web application or start a business. Click below to learn more.

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Code For Hire

Within our community, we have coders, programers and designers. If you are in need of hiring someone out for a specific project, let us know and we can connect you to one of the freelancers in our circle. Click below to request referrals for coding and more

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CO:de Meetup

We have a monthly meet-up for anyone interested in the world of coding! The focus is on getting hands on experience solving real problems with code. No programing experience required! Click below to get all the details about coming meetups as well as see videos from past gatherings. 

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Seasonally, we offer coding and technology workshops for adults and students 12-17 and for various experience levels. Click the link below to see new opportunities as we add them to our calendar.




Port – Portofino, Italy
Guests – 5
Crew – 3, including chef
Design –  Discovery 67
Length – 67'
Guest Cabins – 2


Scuba Diving
Wake Boarding
Kite Surfing
Water Skiing
Land Excursions
Not fishing


Satellite Telephone
XM Satellite Radio
15ft Dinghy with 50 HP
Towing Tube
One, 2-Person Kayak
Deck Shower

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