Christen Harper

Tech Education Coordinator

An East Tennessee native turned West Tennessee resident, Christen Harper recently graduated from Union University with a degree in graphic design and digital media studies. She has conducted STEM workshops across TN teaching middle & high school students and teachers about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and SQL. Christen directs theCO's Dev Catalyst program which works to provide online and industry-current coding education to build our nation's tech talent pipeline. She's got an obsession for The Office and secret plan to change the name of the coffee station to CO:ffee to better fit with our brand (obviously).

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Union University
Half-full or half-empty?
Half-empty, but if I add Crystal Light it will be sweeter than if it was full!
Fancy car or soccer mom van? Van—more room for the trash that will inevitably be left there.